HyperBlazer Teaching

This page has a number of resources I have developed to help people learn about science. For now, they're roughly separated into subject areas.

I'm pretty sure I own copyright on all documents below, since I wrote them. I plan to later release these under a Creative Commons license. Until then, please consider all rights reserved unless the document states otherwise.


  • Units [PDF]: A few useful unit conversions. [Qual prep notes].


Computational Science

Physical Chemistry

The following are scans of various notes I wrote in preparation for my qualifying exam. To exonerate any mistakes, let me remind you that these notes reflect my understanding as of the dates written on the top. For what it's worth, I managed to pass my qualifying exam (in May 2007: my committee was Martin Head-Gordon (chair), Graham Fleming, K. Birgitta Whaley, and Robert Littlejohn (outside: Physics)), so I must have known enough at the time!